Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Midnight Visitors

As those of you with children know, sometimes they are unable to sleep in their own beds.   It's as if their beds are hot lava.  Usually, my kids will wake up at 5:30AM every. damn. day.  Sigh...  Then they come in to our room and harass us to get up at which point I smack Killer in the head until he gets up with them.  We have tried to get them to read numbers on a digital clock and tell them that they are not allowed to wake us up until six zero zero.  This has led our oldest daughter to whine and cry until six zero zero, thus thoroughly pissing us off every. damn. morning.  We love 'em, God bless 'em.  But to be honest, we are a little bit excited for the day when they are teenagers and don't want to get up at 5:30 AM anymore.  Thinking about having kids my childless pals?  Think again.  They're like a party you can never leave. 

Of the two of us, Killer is much better at functioning in the morning.  I can't form coherent sentences with my face.  All I can I can do is grunt and growl.  I run into things, the doorways, the tables, the animals, the toys, the counters, the furniture, etc. just trying to make to the kitchen.  Then I will open a cabinet door into my face or head.  It is especially bad if I had a seizure the day before or that night.  Leah Smash!  I'll admit it's comical.  The kids don't even try to get me up anymore because I just growl at them, roll over and go back to sleep.  I'm like a really clumsy hibernating bear.   Killer and I have given up on trying to find me an alarm clock I can't break.  Although, who needs an alarm clock when you're kids are getting you up every morning at 5:30am? I know, I know. You're thinking, "But Leah, how are you writing this in the morning?  You just told us in a lot of words that you're not a morning person."  So how am I writing this in the morning? Well 1) I don't have to speak using my face and 2) It is after 7 am.   

So this morning, as with many mornings, we had three midnight visitors.  It's been pretty chilly at night, although the kids' room is cozy and warm.  The twins always sleep together so they're always warm and my oldest sleeps on a top bunk where it's warmer.  But, for some reason they ALL 3 came into our room around 3 or 4 in the morning, and, (wait for it) ACTUALLY WENT TO SLEEP!  Holy crap, it was amazing!  Except for the part where Sean and I were at the very edges of the bed and our feet were covered by our 2 cats and the big husky-- ever the opportunist, he didn't get into bed until the kids where there -- basically we couldn't move, it was pretty nice.  They got in our bed, crammed themselves between us and then snuggled in and went to sleep.  It was awesome.  Nobody woke up until 7; everyone was in a good mood.  It was amazing.  Here, I'll say it again.  It was amazing!  

We have a king size bed, but it's possible we need a bigger one.   

Peace out. 

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