Monday, November 5, 2012

Herding Snails

Because that's what motivating children (sometimes myself) is like even when it's something
they -want- to do, much less when it's something they don't.  It's a day for going down the list: work, chores, errands, waiting for the telco guy and the bug guy, paying bills, paying bills, paying bills...  We have a definite weekly pattern.  We run around manically on Mondays doing the things we ignored last week and over the weekend because Tuesdays are trash day.

*WHINE* It's just so HARD today.  It's a great day for procrastinating. It's sunny, warm and beautiful outside.  The perfect day for throwing open the windows, playing outdoors, going for walks or hikes and doing the outside chores.  I love living in California.   Let me leave you with this little scenario from September that I will embarrass my children with for years and years to come.  I'll set it up for you.  A young woman who regularly babysat for us, who is a friend of the family, was over for dinner before she went to southern California to finish her master's.  It was my husband and I, the three wild monkeys, and her.  Dinner finished and ran into bedtime which my husband usually does.  So our friend and I were chatting, attempting an adult conversation about 10 feet away from the bathroom where the twins were taking a bath with a complete view of the twins' heads and shoulders:

Killer: Keep an eye on the twins while they're in the tub, OK? 
Me: Sure. *walks down to the end of the hall where I can still see them but not -into- the tub* 
5 minutes later...
Killer: OMG! OH MY GOD!!! Why is there poop in the sink? WHY IS THERE POOP IN THE TUB! YOU TWO STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! No. NO! MAX, PUT IT DOWN!!!!

We could not stop laughing.  I couldn't help Killer because I was paralyzed with laughter.  I was laughing so hard I was crying, so hard I couldn't breathe, so hard no sound was coming out, so hard I actually had to lay down.   

I didn't notice because I could only see their heads and shoulders, not the water.  They were laughing and having a good time so I didn't think anything of it. 

Killer was so pissed at me.  It was a fine way to send off our friend too.  She'll have a great story and it was good birth control for her.   Peace out.

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