Sunday, November 4, 2012

NaNoWriMo meet NaBloPoMo. Now Let's Party!

    I've entered myself into a writing marathon, as if I've ever committed myself to any kind of marathon much less a writing marathon.   I've committed myself to NaNoWriMo and also to NaBloPomMo.  I'm 3  4 days behind on the second "event", if you will.  "What," you ask, "are you blabbering about?" It does look kind of like gibberish.  The first is National Novel Writing Month and the latter is National Blog Posting Month.    
    NaBloPoMo will be the opportunity for me to quit procrastinating and actually update and regularly post to my flagging sad little neglected blog.   Maybe it's a bit meta to blog about writing.  We'll see I guess.  My intention is to blog daily of my experiences with life and life with my family.  Some inner, some outer, all posted.  Saundra over at Little Fisch in a Big Pond unknowingly inspired me to write and participate in NaBloPoMo; and, my reason is the same as hers as she put it, " find my voice and own it." Also, as a kind of brain dump to get everything I want to say about daily life out of the way so I can write my novel which only tenuously draws material from my life.  Although, I realize I just quoted someone else about their reason for NaBloPoMo in my own blog as my reason.  Maybe not such a great start, so far Me: 0 Everyone Else: 1.  So, here we go!

    As of last night, I was forced to put in earplugs because my family's cold apparently doesn't realize when it should go to bed and shut the F up so I can get some shut eye.  I'm surrounded by coughing sniffling sneezing people and they all want to sleep in my bed.  It is incredibly difficult to write anything while they are making such a ruckus, but, I'm doing it anyway.  I have earplugs, and thank God for giving us the person who came up with these little squishy things.  Thank God for the brilliance of the person that packaged them in a jar.   Peace out.


  1. Wow....NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo....I do not have the guts to do both! I find blogging everyday a challenge!

    I am fascinated by other people's attempts at it's like when I watch the London Marathon on tv and think "next year, totally doing that next year"...still haven't done that darned marathon.


    1. Well, I figure NaBloPoMo followed from NaNoWriMo. It kind of keeps me from including journaling in the novel since the novel has only a teeny relation to the novel. I may completely fail at both and historically I'm terrible about blogging.

      I will never do a marathon. It doesn't even cross my mind. I'll hear about it. Listen to my sister-in-law talk about finishing her 3rd one or something. My first thought is "Wow" and my second thought is "I wonder what movies are in the theaters..."

  2. No way would I do both! I can barely come up with something to write about for NaBloPoMo! Maybe next time. Or not. Thanks for visiting my blog. AND commenting! Woo-Hoo! No one ever (hardly ever) actually comments so I am a stickler about leaving comments cuz I know how important they are :) Nice to meet ya. Looking forward to you catching up...

  3. Thanks for stopping by! I decided that if I wanted to write a novel then I needed to filter all the daily stuff out that would clutter it up and have the added benefit of forcing myself to update the blog regularly. I'm famous in my house for starting and not finishing. I have 6 or so started journals, etc. This was the perfect 1st NaBloPoMo for me, blogging for the sake of blogging.