Monday, September 24, 2012

Dagnabit! Spilled The Coffee... Again.

      Spilled my coffee, dropped my papers, juggled my keys, juggled the cups unloading the dishwasher, tripped over my own feet, I could keep going with this list.  It's like the shidt just jumps right out of my hands.  When I trip it's like air became solid for just an instant just so I could trip over it.  I have to say I've become adept at falling in ways that allow me to sustain the least amount of injury.  Sometimes I don't remember tripping, falling or running into anything until I notice the bruise later.  The kids distract me from everything.  But, seriously, what the hell is going on?  It's gotten worse because I don't remember this happening so much.  I guess they're seizures.
       Am I the only one that just heard that record scratch to a halt?  Say what?  Yep, seizures.  The list of things I have heard doctors say to me over the last 4 years: 

                     Oh, it's just pregnancy hormones.  Oh, you're just stressed out and tired because you're a mother of 3 small kids.  Oh, you're just sleep deprived because you have 3 small kids.  Oh, you're just depressed because you're tired because you have 3 small kids.  Oh, you have 3 small kids, everything wrong that you feel is normal because of them.  Oh, you had a tonic clonic seizure that wasn't a seizure but maybe it was, but that's fine.  Everyone has one sooner or later in their lifetime.  Oh, you're twitchy because you're tired because you have 3 small kids.  Oh, you're tired because you're doing too much and you have 3 small kids.  Oh, it's just pregnancy hormones even though your youngest children are 2 years old.  It's totally normal, the bleeding and constant migraines.  The pain in your gut and your inability to swallow is normal because you have 3 small kids.  Oh, you're stuttering and you can't find your words because you have 3 small kids. 

ENOUGH! NONE of how I have felt for the last 5 years is normal, not one single thing.  I advocated for myself and I feel good for the first time in 5-6 years.  By advocating for myself I learned the following: 
 1) I was not feeling the way I felt because I had 3 small kids.
 2) It does pay to have a PPO
 3) My OB/GYN and GI doctors are fantastic.  
 4) Sometimes scary symptoms are not scary diseases, but several simple conditions put together.
 5) I found out that my GP is shidty and I need a new one.  

"What the hell is wrong with you anyway," you might ask? Well, let me tell you.  I have 3 small kids.  I already had some conditions before the children that they completely exacerbated, except that I didn't know I had the conditions.  
I have: 
 a severe rice and soy allergy as well as a soy intolerance
 chronic migraines 
 a heart murmur
 problems with my lady parts: adenomyosis, cysts, polyps, and fibroids.  We evicted the offending  
     organ before it took over my lower half.  It needed to be stopped! 
 Ah, also I'm mildly nearsighted and have osteoarthritis particularly in my spine.  Thanks skeleton!

I know, I sound like a barrel of laughs.  That's because I AM. 

Prior to finally seeing a doctor because I felt like utter crap, I only knew about the migraines.     They were frequent.  By, frequent I mean more than 10 a month.  Everything else my doctors unraveled for me and thank God for wonderful doctors.  The epilepsy, in particular, explains EVERYTHING at least since I was 18 (I'm 37 now).   
    Seems like a lot, yes?  It kinda is, especially with 3 small kids.  Honestly though without the 3 small kids all of these conditions would have eventually gotten worse without my realizing I had them until I ended up hospitalized.  Monkey, PW, and Chuckles are my blessing.