Wednesday, November 30, 2011

POC (Pants Optional Christmas)

     I have yet to find a particular pee filled pull-up in my house from today.   That is, let's just hope it's only pee.  It's not out in the yard and I've exhausted my search of the house.  Although, really, one never truly does a thorough exhaustive search of their home-- not without police dogs.   I'm fairly certain it's just pee as I didn't smell anything poo like in the house.  See, I was Skyping my parents (Mimi and Papa) so they could talk to the kids.  The 3 got bored and went to play in the playroom and I was showing off my new range oven to my parents.  The Pantsless Wonder (my youngest daughter) was wearing a dress and so it was harder to tell how long she'd been commando.   She'd already been commando 4 other times today.  So, I walk into the playroom with the laptop and my 'rents on Skype and there's PW with her naked tush hanging out, playing with the dollhouse with Chuckles (PW's twin brother) and Monk (Monkey Girl, PW's big sister).  My parents, of course, think everything the kids do is hilarious, especially if it's somehow inappropriate and/or somehow going to make me sigh-- a lot.  They must delight in their parental payback.
   PW started going commando about 3 months ago when she turned 18 months old.  If you ask her, she'll tell you "yep" she took them off and "no way" is she going to put them on again.  If you say, "Let's put some clean bottoms on!" She'll say, "Oh-tay"(yes she sounds like Buckwheat) and then an hour later you discover that she is again commando.   Clearly, she's ready to be potty trained but one thing after another has deterred my attention from hunkering down and just potty training her already.   Mostly, while I fantasize about never changing another diaper, I do NOT fantasize about having to potty train PW and Chuckles by myself.   Because that's what it would be, me by myself potty training the twins.
     The frequency with which PW lives PO is getting higher.  Her ability to be blatantly pantsless in the face of an oncoming major holiday just belies her innocence about the magnitude of the major holiday coming up.  It is especially comical and frustrating when I'm trying to figure out some sort of picture thing for Christmas cards.   Can you imagine what that Christmas card would be like?  It would look something like the family pictured below, i.e. hilarious and totally inappropriate.  I bet all of our friends would LOVE it!  Thanks Awkward Family Photos for the great ideas,  keep 'em coming.

   I still haven't found PW's pull-up.  I hope it's one of several in the trash in the bathroom, or maybe it's under a fig leaf...

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