Friday, November 18, 2011


     In the center of my blessed whirlwind life, I have three beautiful wonderful children. The eye of the storm, if you will. One is 3 years old and the other two are 20 month old twins. All who seem to occasionally have been given the crazy sauce. I have found myself asking them on many occasions "Why did you do that?? What in the world?" I realize how irrational it is to think there will be a rational answer from these untrained monkeys that have taken over my home. As if they will answer me with some well thought out plan complete with a flow chart and power point presentation. Indeed, I have found myself walking around the house vaguely waving my hands in the air or unloading the van asking the same questions of no one in particular. Questions like "What is that smell?" or "How did that even get there?" or "Where is my...?"
     Past attempts have been made to become more organized and on top of things. I've gotten tips and read books about how to do this. This is my chronic failing in life, this lack of appearing organized. Honestly? I don't even care. True, the annoyance I feel when I look around our little abode and can't find anything or notice the mess can get to me. But, it's okay! So, I said "screw it" because I'm usually too busy living in the moment to stop and worry myself with the This and the That. I thank God for that perspective because it's allowed me to relax. Some may argue that I'm a bit too relaxed.
     However, I'm no fool and I fully accept how things run around here. So much so, that I subconsciously felt compelled to simultaneously post signs in prominent locations that say "Three Ring Circus" and the Japanese kanji for "tranquility". I didn't realize I put them in the same room until my wonderful friend, Nicole, pointed it out to me one day by having a hearty laugh at my expense. I asked her what she was laughing at as the children were swirling loud around us and she pointed out that the signs were across the same room from each other. It wasn't on purpose, dagnabit, but it feels right to have that kind of philosophical tension in my living room. One day, I found a banana peel under the circus sign on my floor and it didn't seem out of place, so I left it there and took a picture for posterity.

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